Art I

Digital Media  I

Advanced Digital Media

Ceramics I

Art I - Foundations of Art


Current Project: Clay Chia Heads


 * Create 1 Chia head using red clay on the mold provided

 *Due 4/24/15


Rubric: Here

Presentation Slides: Here


Previous Project: Illuminated Manuscripts

            - Requirements -

  * Create 2 design drafts in sketchbook

  * Use a quote that is school appropriate and 20-45 characters long

  * Create an image or a designed/patterned initial (can use both) that illustrate

     something about the quote.


Rubric: Here


Presentation Slides: Here


Digital Media I


Current Project: Perspective


       * Create 1 image that is at least 8"x5" (or 5"x8") at 300dpi

       *Must be in color with shading/value

       *Can be 1-point, 2-point, or 3-point perspective

       *Must be original work, not traced from image

       *May be created in Illustrator or Photoshop

       Critique - 4/28/15

      Due at end of class 4/30/15


     Prezi Presentation: Here

       Project Rubric: Here

Quiz on Photoshop Tools: 4/20/15

   Reference Sheet and Shortcuts: Here


Previous Project: Photo Manipulation


       * Create 2 unique photo manipulations

       *Images should be at least 800x600 at 72dpi and .JPG format (when submitted)

       *Each 'creature' must be composed of at least 3 animals

       *Must have a believable environment and have a background

       *Must be created in Adobe Photoshop

       Critique - 4/14/15

      Final Version Due - 4/20/15 (Before Class)

 Project Rubric: Here


Previous Project: Video Game Designs

     Step 4: Creating Backgrounds and the HUD

            - Requirements -

     * Create at least 3 unique backgrounds

     * Include at least 1 HUD feature

     * Aesthetic/Style must match that of the characters and objects

     *Due 3/24/15 - Critique

     *Final Version Due 3/30/15 - Submitted Online

Project Rubric: Here


Presentation Link: Here

Advanced Digital Media


Current Project: Food Truck Design


      * One complete food truck wrap design

      *Uses at least two colors and one text element

      *Uses one of the five provided clients and fulfills their requirement

      *Critique 4/28/15


   Food Truck PSD file: Here

    Food Truck AI file:  Here

    Project Rubric: Here

    Prezi Presentation: Here


Previous Project: Web Design

      Stage 1: Website Study


     * Review at least 5 websites using format  of this document

     *Due 3/23/15


     HW Due 3/23/15-

               Read and write a brief response on your thoughts about these articles:

                                   Color Theory for Web Designers

                                   Visual Weight and Direction

                                   Creating Your Own Color Palettes

                       Response should be 1-2 paragraphs per article.


      Stage 2: Design Drafts


      *create 3 drafts in sketchbook with design and layout of website. Include:

                      -Purpose of the site

                      -Type of Site (Blog, Resource, News Feed, Portfolio, etc)

                      -Number of Pages

                      -Color Scheme ideas (3 swatches is a good idea)

       Due 3/27/15


       Stage 3: Adobe CC Muse


       -At least 3 pages

       -Uses a color scheme of at least two different colors

       -Has a Home and a Contact page

       -Utilizes proper use of images and content

       -Submitted by 4/14/15 for critique


      Final Version Due 4/17/15


      Project Rubric: Here


Ceramics I


Current Project: Fusing Ceramics and Glass

       Step 1: Drafting the project


       *Create at least 3 designs in sketchbook

       *Refer to project rubric and requirements below

       *Designs must include notations for size, scale, and colors


       Step 2: Building the Vessel


       *Create two slab-based vessels at least 5" x 2"

       *Has at least 1 textured element

       *Has contained area for glass

       *Uses at least 2 colors


Rubric:  Here


Previous Project: Bowls

     Step 2: Glazing

            - Requirements -

       *Complete Bowls (2) according to Mr.McCray's site

       Due for final firing: 3/24/15


       Glazes and Kilns: Here


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